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The Strange Conspiracy to Control Motorcycle Horsepower

A recognized motorcycle expert told me about an international conspiracy involving motorcycle manufacturers with a plan to take over the motorcycle industry by selling young riders dangerously uncontrollable motorcycles. Even in the hands of experts, these motorcycles are so wicked fast that they cause deadly crashes. No one has the skill to control them, because they are so fast and powerful. In short, they’re killing our kids.

This was an actual conversation I had with a motorcycle expert sometime in the 1980s, about the time that John Danforth was proposing legislation to ban Japanese superbikes. I think that Senator Danforth was a patsy, set up by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the insurance industry nonprofit. Since its inception in 1959, the IIHS has been focused on promoting the interests of insurance companies through press releases, publishing its crash-test results, and reports from its Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDA).

While the IIHS has almost an ambiance in the press that is somewhere between the federal government and Consumer Reports maxisys elite scan tool, in fact it has never been more than a spokesperson for big auto insurance carriers. The addition of the Highway Loss Data Institute allows the IIHS to effectively quote itself ds808, with statistics tailored to support any claim they want to make. Certain topics have been a consistent part of the IIHS platform since day one.

No one should be surprised that motorcycles are not a favorite of the Insurance Industry, except when it comes to advertising for premium dollars.

In the early to mid ’80s, the IIHS put out a film prominently featuring canyon racing in the Los Angeles Area. The theme of the movie was the shocking speed and danger involved in Japanese superbikes that were being sold to American kids just old enough to drive. The IIHS accompanied the film with seriously flawed statistics showing that the Japanese superbikes were overwhelmingly the source of motorcycle deaths, and they started a whispering campaign highlighting specific instances of death by superbike.

Soon it was commonplace to hear stories. One kid bought a superbike as a first motorcycle, and was killed leaving the shop. Another rider left 150 feet of motorcycle and tissue scrapings leaving Laguna Seca Raceway. A certain superbike averaged two

weeks from purchase before a rider was dead. Even the best test riders were refusing to ride these too fast motorcycles.

The IIHS never gives up. A 2007 IIHS special report regarding “superbikes” claims “these machines are designed for the racetrack but you’ll only find them on the highway. Supersport motorcycles have engines that deliver more horsepower per pound than a typical NASCAR vehicle, reaching speeds of nearly 190 miles per hour, and some of their riders treat public roads like private racecourses.” And an IIHS website FAQ repeats the sportbike libel:

“Motorcyclists who drive supersport motorcycles, which make up a small fraction of registered motorcycles, are overrepresented in fatal crashes. The driver death rate per 10,000 registered motorcycles for supersports is about 4 times higher than the rate for motorcyclists who ride cruisers, standards, or touring bikes.

“The driver death rate per 10,000 registered motorcycles for sport motorcycles is about 2 times higher than the rate for drivers of cruisers, standards, or touring bikes.”

Senator Danforth was contacted for, but did not want to recall his interaction with the IIHS for this article. It is hard to blame him. We invite the IIHS to respond to this column.

Michael Padway and Associates
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Svedino’s Automobile and Aviation Museum

Svedino’s Automobile and Aviation Museum is located in Sweden and features one of Europe’s most extensive collections of vintage automobiles and aeroplanes Autel MaxiSys Pro. When it officially opened in 1961, it was the first automobile museum in Scandinavia. The museum contains 140 cars and thirty aeroplanes together with a variety of engines, household gadgets and miscellany. Yet the entire museum was largely the work of one man, Lennart Svedfelt. Svedfelt, in addition to being a car collector was also an actor whose stage name was Svedino, the origin of the name of the museum. Svedino supported the museum by playing roles of a ‘pickpocket’ and conjuror at circuses, on stage and on TV. He joked about his performances as a “pickpocket” saying “I began to “steal” my way toward getting my museum.

Svedfelt, who was born in 1924, built model airplanes as a young boy in school and had an exhibition in the Stockholm Library when he was seventeen. He started his first business in October of 1942 manufacturing model airplanes kits that were sold throughout Sweden.

In 1949, he bought a 1919 Model T Ford and soon after he began to appreciate the historical value of vintage automobiles. By 1953 he had collected five cars that were the subject of an article in the local newspaper. As a result of this article, people started contacting him telling him where he could find old cars and his collection increased.

However, he now had a problem finding a place to store the vehicles. In 1957, he rented his collection that now amounted to twenty cars, to an open-air museum. Then film companies started to rent them. In 1958 he moved his collection to a circus tent. Finally in 1960, after exhibiting the cars at Expo North, Svedfelt acquired a plot of land in Halland country where he could now erect a building. The museum finally opened in 1961 on June 20th. At that time it received considerable interest from the local press as it was Scandinavia’s first automobile museum. Thirty-five cars were displayed in an area of 550 square meters. A Swedish 1905 Tidaholm was the oldest car in the collection. It had a chain-drive, wooden wheels with huge tires and could be driven at a top speed of 15 miles per hour. There was also a 1928 Volvo. The most luxurious car on display was a 1918 American Pierce-Arrow that, at the time it was built was the equivalent of an English Rolls-Royce.

In 1964 Svedfelt was able to increase his display area from 550 square meters to 800 square meters. He now had fifty cars and added the first airplanes maxisys elite scan tool, a 1925 German Heinkel and a 1926 English De Havilland Moth.

Then in 1970, the museum was again enlarged to 2000 square meters and the cars and airplanes that had been stored in barns due to lack of space could now be displayed. The collection now comprised ninety cars and fourteen airplanes together with old bicycles, motorcycles and some horse drawn carriages. Another extension of 1000 square meters was done in 1980 more displays were added. In 1986 the collection then included 140 cars, 31 airplanes plus motorcycles and carriages.

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Step Bars – An Important Convenience

A car manufacturer thinks of so many things to make sure the car owner has a great car ownership experience. And this list of things keeps expanding as cars evolve and get more and more refined. If you are wondering how much can a product that just takes you from A to B get refined you will be amazed at the amount of thoughtfulness a modern fully done up car exhibits. Piece by piece the amount of refinement has really added up over the years. One must remember that cars are not just used by us but by many persons. And the car must try to accommodate the genuine needs of the entire population. And therefore if we have a special need we must look for someone who has met the need for us Advanced Version of DS708.

For example cars that have a high seating level are not easy to climb into for relatively frail persons. It is very helpful for them if there is a step that they can use to achieve the height. Now your car may or may not have the step but you can always get one by having a step bar installed.

Step bars besides being a very convenient feature also add to the style of the car maxisys elite scan tool. Which is great because every time a component meets a need and also at the same time makes the car look better, it adds to the refinement of the car.

Once you have had a step bar installed, when a person who would have otherwise found the access to your car all too strenuous, is easily able to get into your car you will appreciate the value of the component. The step bar also serves to protect your car from grazing against the side of a structure when you are turning in places where the amount of room available is not much.

You will find it convenient to go through the options of step bars available for your car online. You can see the images of the modified cars and compare the prices. You can then confidently choose the one that fits your budget and gives you maximum value.
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