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Have you noticed the drive (pun completely intended) towards greener living? This isn’t just in the car industry, but applies across all sorts of markets and areas – travel, fashion, retail and more. It seems that people are starting to realise that Planet Earth doesn’t Autel Diaglink, unfortunately, have unlimited resources, and if we want to keep living in relative comfort we will have to change the way we approach our everyday luxuries.

One area that was particularly under threat was the car industry, plagued as it is with complaints about oil/gas usage and emissions levels. Not only was running a car getting very expensive, but people were starting to click onto the fact that every time they nipped out in the car they were directly contributing to global green issues such as global warming.

Thankfully these realisations haven’t spelt the end for driving and cars. Instead, car manufacturers have stared going out of their way to make cars that are recognised for their performance alongside their emissions levels, preserving the fun of driving but adding an extra dose of efficiency and greener living. One such car brand doing exactly this is Volvo, meaning that if you are on the hunt for a new or used Volvo then you know these models will have green-living on their side.

The Volvo range is called DRIVe, and is all about experiencing the world, but without damaging it. They aim to get you 890 miles of travel on just one tank of petrol. Quite an impressive achievement, although obviously this is altered by the terrain and road environment you are in (that old urban/rural conundrum again). Essentially this claim and achievement means that the Volvo brand, once famed for its large cars and potential lack of fuel economy, can now be recognised for decently low levels of fuel consumption.

The Volvo DRIVe range, which is bound to be a favourite selling point for used Volvo dealers in the years to come, is the beginning of a long push towards being environmentally friendly, and one day having zero emissions from all cars. As Volvo have just announced the development of an electric car range due for release in the next few years, this sort of baby steps seems to be heading in the right direction. Even better, the full range of cars with DRIVe capabilities is a might 7, meaning that getting your hands on one is actually very feasible!

The innovations Volvo are introducing include the typical things that everyone expects, but with a little bit more forward thinking. Particularly worthy of mention is the move towards ethanol as an alternative source of fuel, thereby reducing emissions. It is pretty experimental right now, but Volvo are proving their dedication by being brave enough to tackle and research the possibility. Even better, the actual manufacture of the car is going to start to change, with more recyclable cars being created in future!

Without a doubt it is a good idea – and maybe we will see Volvo become a driving force behind environmental change Autel MaxiDiag MD808.

Pete J Ridgard is a writer and a car enthusiast. He currently writes for the automotive industry. Here he discusses Used Volvo cars.
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