The Infiniti M56 Is A Real Contender In The Luxury Market

The luxury segment is one of the toughest markets in the auto industry. Competition is fierce and there are many car makers that have a vehicle in the full size luxury sedan segment. The Infiniti M56 is up against the top luxury cars from BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Lexus and Acura just to name a few. The older M56 was known as the M45 and was not well received by consumers. In the past Infiniti did not do enough to separate the M45 from the rest but it looks as if that’s all changed with the all new M56.

In the past the M56 has been frequently overshadowed by Infiniti’s G35 and G37 Autel MaxiSys MS908. For 2010 the Infiniti M56 has a base price of $58k. This has car been revamped inside out and now it now has the fit and finish the Germans have been known for, and Infiniti has out a V8 engine inside the M56 worthy of its German rivals. The M56 surpasses the 60mph mark in a scant 4.7 seconds due to its powerful engine boasting a 420 hp. For comparison last year’s model took almost a full second longer to reach a 60 mph. The Infiniti M56 accelerates faster than any of its competitors.

Infiniti created a luxury ride even though the car was meant to handle. 20-inch rims, firm springs, and double-piston shocks. If this sounds like the it would be rough, well it isn’t. This car is smooth and quiet, just like a luxury car should be. With the new M56 you get the chance to select 4 various driving modes. First there is the Eco mode which conserves fuel. The Snow mode is self explanatory, the standard mode is regular all around drive setting, and finally The Sport mode improves all power and gear shifting for the best performance.

There are optional, such as the $3,000 technology package which gives you a lane departure prevention system, blind spot alert, and radar adaptive cruise control. Next there is also a $3800 touring package which adds luxury items such as a Bose stereo system, wood trim, and a cabin air system which in essence is just a fan that blows air at random speeds like the tropical setting on your fan at home. Then there is the Big Daddy Sport Package at $3600. This sweet package comes with four wheel steering, a sporty suspension, huge 20 inch rims with summer tires, and a trick sport steering wheel.

When it comes to performance and acceleration the M56 kicks butt. The 400 hp V-8 can rocket the M56 zero to 60 4.7 seconds as aforementioned, and the quarter mile is eclipsed in 13.4 seconds, which is just a tiny bit off pace from the awesome Ford Mustang GT and the Camaro SS muscle car Autel MaxiSys Pro. All that muscle wrapped in a luxury car. The M56 can also post a 0.86g on skid pad.

Compared to its rivals the Lexus GS460, Jaguar XF, and the Mercedes E550, The M56 definitely has them all beat. The only drawback is that the M56 is also the most expensive of the group. Pluses are that it can out accelerate, out brake and out corner them all. Plus, the Infiniti M56 has the best fuel economy in the class. Infiniti has produced an incredible car that is extremely competitive in the luxury market.

Written by Jacqueline Star: Orange County Infiniti, Used Cars Houston, Infiniti Los Angeles
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